Techsafe Benefits


Supporting you in more ways than one.


Techsafe is about giving the power back to the electronics dealer.

Supporting you in ways you've never had before. Techsafe backs your in-house service and warranty plans. We pay you to fix customer problems!

Your Win-Win Solution


Have happy customers.

Give your customers the best support! With a Techsafe, you get paid to fix any issues your customers have. Customers that receive fast repairs at no charge are generally happy customers!


Add recurring revenue and support.

By offering Techsafe plans, you will enjoy added recurring revenue from plan renewals.


Save yourself the work!

Techsafe is simple! No parts to order, no warranty cards management, serial number tracking, or painful claims to process. We keep things very simple, and you get rewarded for having happy customers.


Saving you and the customer!

Techsafe is only $399 per year to be an active dealer. This gives you access to the Techsafe portal and allows you to build and sell Techsafe plans.