Extended warranties suck.

Protect your Tech with Techsafe.

Dealer provided coverage for all types of electronic systems installed in
residential and commercial environments.


Unlike Any Warranty
Protect Your Investment

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You shouldn’t have to pay for an extended warranty that goes to waste, and with most extended warranties, that’s exactly what happens. 

Better than an extended warranty.
Simpler than an insurance plan.

Techsafe is reinventing how tech systems are protected by solving five main pain points of traditional extended warranties:

  • No more silly extended warranty cards
  • No more taking pictures of items that don’t work
  • No more third-party repair companies
  • No more 1-800 numbers to warranty companies when your items fail
  • No more waiting forever to fix your issues
You work with your local trusted tech dealer, and we pay them directly to fix your issues on covered items.

With a Techsafe Protection Plan:


You Choose
What's Covered

You can pick and choose the items covered, or cover your whole system for one price. 



You work directly with your local trusted tech dealer to get your items/system repaired and going again.


More than a Warranty

You get a coverage plan that is customized just for you and your system.


One Yearly

You pay one yearly price and renew protection as long as you need it! 

Here's How It Works

Techsafe plans are calculated based on the total value of equipment to be covered. The plan must be started within the first 15 months of the equipment purchase from the Dealer. You can purchase coverage on an entire system, or just a few selected items — the choice of coverage is up to you!

Since your tech dealer is the trusted expert, we give them the power to choose how your items get repaired as quickly as possible. As long as your plan is active, repairs on covered items will be performed by your dealer and then paid by Techsafe. It’s a win-win!


Find Comfort in a Techsafe Protection Plan


1. Find a local dealer.

Use your existing trusted tech dealer, or find a new local A/V, IT or electronic system dealer that offers Techsafe.


2. Choose your coverage.

Once your dealer verifies that your existing systems are in 100% working order, you can decide which items you want to cover (or cover the whole system!).


3. Sit back and relax!

When something fails, work with your trusted dealer to quickly get your items repaired. From there, your dealer will fix your system and send Techsafe the bill!

Get a Techsafe Protection Plan today and
enjoy coverage on all your electronic systems.

Techsafe doesn’t directly offer protection plans.
We simply back the authorized dealers for the plans they create and offer to their customers via our portal.