So Much More than a Warranty

Better than Insurance. MORE THAN A WARRANTY.

Giving you control for how you serve your customers.
Finally you can offer in-house AV protection & warranty plans with ease.

And get paid to do it!


We’re the only product on the market built specifically for the technology integrator, that pays dealers to service their own in-house service and warranty plans.

Who else can say that? Nobody.


Built for Tech Dealers,
by a Tech Dealer. 

As tech dealers ourselves, we know the business. We completed thousands and thousands of installs in the custom A/V and security business over 20+ years. Customers often asked for an “extended warranty”, and we learned how painful (and unprofitable) those can be. We wanted a solution that we could control, on behalf of our customers, whenever their system had trouble. Something we could decide how to fix. Something we could get paid for. Something that left us in charge of our customers satisfaction without involving some random third-party service company. 

Build coverage however you want all within one plan & determine your own prices.

We couldn’t find it, so we created it. 


And it’s awesome. 

Welcome to Techsafe. 

Why you should partner with Techsafe



Profitable dealer cost structure that lets the dealer choose how to build and implement Techsafe coverage.



Techsafe builds recurring revenue with simple automatic yearly plan renewals.



If a customer sells or removes an item from a system, it’s easy for the dealer to remove from an active plan and adjust the coverage. 


You’re In the Drivers Seat

Techsafe is only sold to authorized dealers, not to consumers. So rest assured that you are the only dealer that will service your customer!

Top Reasons
Dealers like Techsafe

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    Techsafe pays Dealers to fix customer problems!

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    Techsafe builds recurring revenue for the Dealer.

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    Techsafe doesn’t require long-term contracts, serial number tracking or warranty cards.

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    Techsafe pays Dealers for claims within 10 days.

So Simple. So Awesome.
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Who can utilize Techsafe?

We are purpose-built for Technology Dealers of all kinds.

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    A/V Integrators

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    Security system installers

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    IT companies 

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    Automation Integration companies 

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    And all other related technology dealers that sell and install systems for their clients. 

Avoid the pain:

No more silly warranty cards to keep track of and submit. 

No more taking pictures of broken items. 

No more third party repair companies. 

No more 1-800 numbers to warranty companies asking about repairs. 

No more waiting to fix customer system troubles. 

You’re in charge now. Get it fixed and get paid to do it. 


why techsafe started

Out of necessity, we tried to find a company that would offer what we wanted: a plan that would cover an entire system for one simple price, while keeping the local dealer involved.

“After years of working with partners and advisors, we decided to create the system we felt the AV world needed. ”

josh gorrell

Josh Gorrell

Founder - Techsafe

Ready to be a Techsafe Dealer?