About the Founder

josh gorrell

Meet Josh Gorrell

Josh has been in the technology business for over 28 years. Beginning in the car audio world, then founded an A/V Integration company in 2002, which still operates today and operates all over the Midwest. 


“The technology business is my passion!

I absolutely love being in a business that is fun and evolves like tech does."


"Everyday there is something new, something improved, or something I find to work on. I feel like this industry is still young, with tons of room for improvement in systems and processes. I’ve personally been in about every role there is, from technician to sales and now management. It just keeps growing and getting better every day!

My new passion is working with other tech dealers to improve their business through Techsafe. We’ve got something very cool here, and I think this will disrupt the old-school world of service and warranty plans. Our team at Techsafe is reinventing the way systems are covered, and we think you’ll really like it. “


When he’s not working with tech (he never really stops though), Josh loves spending time with family, boating, traveling and eating tacos. (The “four pillars” of life he would say.) 

Josh’s mission is to build Techsafe to benefit all types of tech dealers. With no parent company and no investors to answer to, Techsafe has the power and freedom to constantly adapt to make this piece of the tech business great and profitable again.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to Josh directly at josh@techsafe.com