Frequently Asked Questions


No. Techsafe backs the Dealer's own service or warranty program by utilizing our own umbrella of coverage to cover the troubleshooting, shipping, parts and labor for the covered item(s). Techsafe has some characteristics of a warranty, and some of an insurance plan- the best of both worlds!And on top of that, Techsafe is the only program in the industry that allows your local electronics dealer to stay involved with the entire process of getting your system up and going again. They get you fixed and send us the bill as long as you're covered. Piece of cake!

Techsafe has nothing to do with manufacturer warranties. Techsafe simply provides reimbursement to the Dealer for any costs associated with the repair systems items/systems they create plans for. 

Techsafe is only sold to authorized Dealers. We do not sell directly to consumers. Dealers then utilize Techsafe backing to provide their own in-house service plans to customers. 

No. Your local Dealer is in control of fixing your system. We simply pay them to do that!

Extended warranty companies don't know your system. All they do is repair an item- they don't deal with removal or reinstallation or show you how to use things. That's great sometimes, but many times you need a local pro to come evaluate the problem, determine the best fix, and coordinate that replacement or repair with you to make it all perfect again. We pay your existing local dealer to handle your system troubles. No DIY removal or shipping. No service centers to deal with. No pesky serial number tracking. Simply call the Dealer you purchased Techsafe from and let them fix the problem. They send us the bill and you're done!

We think that in order to get the best technical service and support, we want to make sure you are connected to a trusted local electronics professional. Most people that find Techsafe already have a local tech Dealer. If not, we have a nationwide network of A/V Dealers, IT companies, Security Integrators and more that you can team up with for support. With a pro in your corner, service and support is better, faster and done right!

We want you to have fast, local service from a person in your corner! Most people that find Techsafe already have a system that was installed by their local Dealer. That Dealer knows your system intimately and is the best person suited to service when things go wrong. We want your Dealer to stay involved and control the repair process, getting you up and going again as fast as possible. 

Your Dealer is responsible for servicing your system. Please call them for any service issues. Techsafe does not administer service scheduling, repairs, or any related tasks. Techsafe does not warrant any work done by Dealers. Techsafe simply pays the Dealer for covered repairs to your system. 

Techsafe is only sold to Authorized Dealers, not to consumers. Our contract is with your Dealer. If you are having trouble contacting them, please send us an email to support@techsafe.com and we will attempt to reach your Dealer on your behalf.