Frequently Asked Questions


No. Techsafe backs the Dealer's own service or warranty program by utilizing our own umbrella of coverage to cover the troubleshooting, shipping, parts and labor for the covered item(s). Techsafe has some characteristics of a warranty, and some of an insurance plan- the best of both worlds!And on top of that, Techsafe is the only program in the industry that allows your local electronics dealer to stay involved with the entire process of getting your system up and going again. They get you fixed and send us the bill as long as you're covered. Piece of cake!

We are a perfect pair! Many tech Dealers already offer their own type of service plan or service contract to their customers. We don't change how you do business. By adding Techsafe, we simply back your coverage and pay you for any customer plan repairs! 

Absolutely, and we encourage! A great (and very popular) way to keep claims down, is to offer supplemental service contracts that provide regular maintenance to your customers. Customers that receive regular service checks generally have less failure = more happy!

Techsafe has nothing to do with manufacturer warranties. Techsafe simply provides reimbursement to the Dealer for any costs associated with the repair systems items/systems they create plans for. 

 Techsafe will pay the Dealer via ACH their full invoice amount within 10 days of an approved claim. 

Techsafe is $399 per year to be an active Dealer. This gives you access to the Techsafe portal and allows you to build, quote, sell and manage Techsafe plans. The Techsafe portal is also where you will submit any customer claims and track our payments to you. If you cancel, you can still track existing plans and submit claims. You just cannot create new Quotes and Plans.  

Plan cost is figured on a percentage basis. All new Dealers start at the same level. Please contact sales@techsafe.com for current plan cost rates. 

Nope! Pick and choose the items you want to protect. You can cherry-pick only the most expensive items in the system, or all of them. It's up to you and the client which items to cover. Just remember- you can only submit a Claim for items or systems that are covered in the Techsafe plan. 

That’s up to you! We will pay your normal retail rates. After you fix a problem, simply create a Claim and send us the bill instead of the customer. We will pay your invoice within 10 days. 

Nope! You can pick and choose which customers you use Techsafe coverage on. It's up to you!

Just like an insurance policy, we look at loss ratios. Dealers with a higher amount of claims may incur a higher cost rate because of those claims. 

Yes! As long as a customer plan is renewed automatically on time every year, that price is locked and will not change (unless you delete items from it).