How it Works

Techsafe was built specifically for Tech Dealers.

When your customers have system trouble, you, the Dealer, should be the one fixing the system and keeping your customer happy.  Warranty companies don’t know how to fix system troubles- you do. 


Here’s how it works:


You choose which items to offer protection on.

With Techsafe, you can offer single item or complete system coverage for a variety of residential and commercial environments. We give you the power to choose which items you want protected. You can cherry-pick the most expensive items in the system, or all of them. It's up to you and the client which items to cover.


You determine the system value.

When building a Techsafe plan, you’ll enter system or item values that your coverage follows. All those values will add up to a total plan value, giving the customer a well-built umbrella of coverage.


Fix the problem and send us the bill!

When problems arise on a covered item or system, Techsafe will pay you to fix it! Simply start a claim on the Techsafe portal; tell us what happened, what was the solution to fix the problem, and submit the claim with your bill. We will pay you within 10 days for the claim!

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We back your in-house warranty plans.

Some Dealers already offer their own type of service plan to their customers. By adding Techsafe coverage, you will get reimbursed the total cost involved with fixing or replacing covered items. Simply add Techsafe coverage to your in-house plans and get paid to service your customers with no out-of-pocket expense!